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Having operated in the full spectrum of this industry segment, from agency owners to executives at large MGA/TPA organizations, we know first hand how limiting inadequate automation can be on growth opportunities. Additionally, we fully understand the complex and often diverse nature of operations within a MGA, TPA, Program Manager and/or Small Carrier.

Therefore, a primary focus of Cost Containment Solutions has been to ensure that the level of business knowledge of our staff was among the best in the industry. In practical terms, this means our staff must to be able to participate in planning, demo, specification and training sessions with our client’s and clearly understand and communicate the business processes and relationships transpiring in the client’s operations.

Our clients have repeatedly listed this as one of our core strengths as a solution provider for their organization. We have been privileged to work with a very diverse group of clients.

A sampling would show the following types of operations that we provide to our clients.. 

Program Managers with statutory reporting requirements to fronting carriers. 

Regional Insurance Companies
(Admitted – Property and Casualty, Workers   Compensation) 

Third Party Claims Administrators

Managing General Agency and/or Wholesale Brokerage
(All lines of business) 

Cost Containment Solutions provides Brokers with a well-respected, quality TPAs in your client’s area, based on region and group size. Brokers submit case requirements for a TPA proposal. Cost Containment Solutions will put the RFP out for bid, manage and coordinate response on your behalf.

A lot of people are depending on your recommendation. Choosing the right TPA should be the least of your worries. Cost Containment Solutions is committed to helping you score some major points with your self-insured clients by helping them eliminate the guesswork in finding the right TPA. Let us find a TPA for you that:

  • Extends responsive and highly personalized attention to each and every client
  • Delivers innovative services and product offerings
  • Is committed to technological advancements for the benefit of the brokers and employer groups that they serve.

We know how important the business knowledge component is to success. We encourage you to contact us and discuss your organizations needs regarding automation. We are confident you will be pleased with level of knowledge and communication we bring to the relationship.

E-mail Hours M-F: 8AM-5PM
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