EDI Consulting

Cost Containment Solutions Simplifying EDI Enrollment

Healthcare providers experience growing account receivables, aging claims, and denial write-offs that impact an organizations bottom line and success. Cost Containment Solutions provides specialized healthcare EDI services through an individualized assessment to identify critical gaps in internal workflow processes, EDI transaction availability, and utilizing all available support which are the main components of a practice’s success.

EDI Managed Services
  • EDI Claims, ERA, EFT Enrollment, including Clearinghouse Enrollment Transition
  • RCM Support Services
  • Internal Workflow Development to minimize overhead costs
Who We Service
  • Solo Practitioners
  • Group Organizations
  • Billing Services

Our Strategy

Minimize Waste and Maximize Profitability

Identify and diagnose issues within your department in order to strengthen production going forward

Your Success

Secure confidence in the solution

Guarantee you maintain integration best practices and solution efficiency

E-mail jballccs@icloud.com Hours M-F: 8AM-5PM
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