Cost Containment Solutions

Simplifying EDI Enrollment

In an ever-changing industry environment, healthcare providers are finding their RCM initiatives are negatively impacted.  From EDI transactions including ability to submit electronically to receiving payments electronically, providers see an increase of growing account receivables, aging claims, and denial write-offs, that impact organizations bottom line and success.  Cost Containment Solutions can close those gaps and assist with what is around the corner! 

Does your business need EDI Support?

Your business may be in need of additional EDI support due to:

  • Less-experienced EDI and B2B Staff that need guidance by skilled EDI enrollment experts.
  • Access to limited internal resources due to vacation, maternity leave, sick leave, etc.
  • Business integration projects taking over priority.
  • Business demographic changes; including new locations, banking changes, and adding new billing providers.
  • Payer EDI service changes requiring updated EDI Enrollments to stay Connected.

EDI Enrollment and Support Solutions

CCS provides services for both long-term and short-term engagements and will customize a plan to fit your business needs in an ever-changing industry.  

We serve healthcare industry partners such as, Solo Practitioners, Group Organizations, Billing Services, and more!

EDI Enrollment Services

Enrollments including: Claims, ERA, and EFT Enrollment for first time connection or updates to link direct, via clearinghouse or third-party vendors.

Specialized Full Service Support

Special Projects including: Migrating to new EMR/EHR Software and/or Clearinghouse Transitions; EFT bank changes for multi payers

Support Solutions We Provide

  • EDI/RCM Support – assist with claim rejections and missing ERAs that will delay or impact AR negatively.
  • Internal Workflow Development – To minimize overhead costs, we provide an option for added training and support for internal staff and develop a working strategy designed for your success.

Our Strategy is your Success

With CCS’s team of experts managing EDI enrollment related tasks on your behalf, your business can focus its internal resources on other key initiatives while keeping your EDI and B2B operations running smoothly.  Our team will work hand-in-hand with your company’s business and IT managers to ensure that your trading partner management tasks are performed according to expectations, and any incidents or issues are addressed expeditiously. We are here to secure your confidence in the solution.

E-mail Hours M-F: 8AM-5PM
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