Loss Control

Cost Containment Solutions is a leader in claim, loss, and managed care solutions. We offer many claims and consulting services to create your own comprehensive claim and risk management program.

Loss Control Consultations

Cost Containment Solutions provides customized consulting services. Certain safety issues require you to evaluate the situation and develop reasonable options quickly. A cost effective way to achieve this goal is the use of outside consultants. Cost Containment Solutions consultants have the experience and skills to get to the root of your safety issue, determine the benefits and costs, and offer solutions that best fit your company’s needs. The benefits of the services are:

♦ Control of workers’ compensation problems

♦ Reduce program cost by matching expertise to problem

♦ Quick resolutions of problems

♦ Enhanceed “buy-in” within the company

Safety Assessment Services

Cost Containment Solutions offers several ways to measure and benchmark the performance of current safety activities and establish a baseline from which to evaluate future progress. Our consultants assess current activities and existing programs using the follow assessment methods:

♦ Safety Management Performance Audit

♦ Indoor Air Quality Studies

♦ Employee safety Perceptions

♦ Accident and Trending Analysis

♦ Occupational Safety and Health Assessment

Safety Program Implementation

We facilitate the development of a safety program based on specific loss experience, current hazards and your company culture. Our consultants work to develop effective programs that include: safety policy and mission, organizational guidelines and responsibility, written compliance programs, hazard recognition and control procedures, and record keeping requirements. Safety program implementation services are:

♦ OSHA Mandated Programs

♦ Ergonomic Services

♦ Industrial Hygiene Services

♦ Behavior based Loss Control

♦ Safety Management “Best Practices”

♦ Safety Manual Development

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