PIP/Auto Liability

When it comes to PIP/Auto Liability, look to Cost Containment Solutions Managed Care. Our experienced team can help shed new light on your cost-containment process.

With over a decade of case-handling experience, we have seen that by empowering the right people, asking the right questions, and focusing on efficiencies, we can reveal a full spectrum of medical cost savings in PIP/Auto Liability.

As a pioneer in the area of PIP/Auto Liability Managed Care, Cost Containment Solutions has developed a synergistic approach that promotes quality healthcare for the patient, delivers fiscally and clinically sound Managed Care processes, and ultimately facilitates communication between all parties involved to achieve a shared outcome.

Early Intervention

Capturing the claim information within the first 12-24 hours is critical. Through the use of a toll-free reporting service, the adjuster, the claim representative, and Cost Containment Solutions are notified of all critical information allowing for immediate medical assessment, treatment plan development and PPO channeling.

After the data is captured, the policy holder/claimant can be channeled, in most non-catastrophic situations, to a PPO network that has been specifically selected by Cost Containment Solutions based on its quality outcomes in Auto Managed Care.

Bill Review

The analyst applies the specific U&C rates, flags the case for Case Management (if appropriate), and applies the PPO discount.

Utilization Review

Medical professionals and analysts screen medical bills to investigate the utilization of medical services. Routine review questions might ask:

  • Are billed services a direct result of the motor vehicle accident (MBA)?
  • Are any of the services related to a pre-existing condition?
  • Are all services medically necessary for the injury sustained?
  • Do the services rendered relate to the reported injuries?
  • Is there over utilization of any services?

Case Management

Through the Case Managers’ expertise, the needs of the patient and the payor are combined to produce the most cost-effective, clinically sound and quality-driven patient-centric outcome.

Vocational Evaluations

When an injured person is disabled from employment, Cost Containment Solutions can provide vocational counseling services to facilitate either a change in present position or discover alternative employment opportunities.

Reporting Outcomes

Ultimately, Managed Care has produced an immense amount of clinical and financial data. Utilizing leading edge technology, Cost Containment Solutions can design specific reports based on client need.

Cost Containment Solutions is not only committed to the needs of our clients, but also to the medical care needs of their customers. URAC accreditation means being held to nationally recognized standards which demonstrates a commitment to quality care. Our clients can be assured that our product contains fair and accurate recommendations that were made with the needs of the injured party in mind.”

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