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Cost Containment Solutions is more than just bill review, we cater to all needs that our clients may possess and we have the knowledge and history that proves our credibility and success.

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Bill Review

We focus on Specialty and Catastrophic Bill Reviews for the majority of our clients and perform line by line analysis of the facility claim reviews to amend and ensure accurate and reasonable pricing is utilized.

EDI Services & Consulting

CCS offers an array of EDI enrollment consulting and administrative support services. With our help, we will ensure an error-free process of establishing, updating, and provide ongoing EDI support in an ever changing market.

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Pharmacy Review

The pharmacy review service takes the bill review process a step further by considering that the price and proper use of drugs are being taken into account for the overall treatment plan that you were initially provided. We have a highly qualified team of specialists and physicians that are knowledgeable and focused on the best course of action to provide the most suitable drugs for the best possible treatment and end result.

Risk Management Services

Cost Containment Solutions Risk Management Services is designed for companies to have access to proficient advice and objective service for their risk management needs.

Services Include:

Risk Management Consulting
Risk Funding and Feasibility Studies
Captive Management
Administration of Self-Funded Programs

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Worker’s Compensation

For over a decade, Cost Containment Solutions has been designing custom Managed Care programs for Workers’ Compensation clients. Each program is specifically tailored to individual needs to ensure that a TPA, an insurance company, a State Fund or a self-administered company has a program that maximizes medical cost savings. In fact, our review process, while being sensitive to turnaround issues, is completely focused on maximizing savings through a comprehensive review process consisting of fee schedule application or U&C reduction, application of state-specific healthcare rules, utilization review, and PPO discount application.

Medical Triage Nurse

We have a medical access triage nurse on our team that is available 24/7 and will provide the best possible advice on course of action when an injury occurs. The nurse will also educate on different health treatment options and refer to providers within their custom MPN. The nurse also communicates and works with Risk Management and all other departments necessary.

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E-mail Hours M-F: 8AM-5PM
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